B-46 / M0XER-6 balloon

Good morning!

Leo Bodnar M0XER launched a B-46 picoballoon from the UK a few days ago, by now it has visited Iceland a couple of days ago, is now over the top of Norway and today will fly over Finland. This time a balloon that flies from North to South not vice-versa as usually. :)
You can see its track on the SpaceNear.us map – spacenear.us/tracker/?filter=B-46
Or on APRS.fi as M0XER-6.
Current prediction for the next 24 hours – i.imgur.com/MSVupQ4.gif

434.500 MHz USB - Contestia 8/250, beeps every three seconds, then transmits two telemetry sentences. Has RSID.
Standard APRS as M0XER-6.

Join us for more information and a general chat on #highaltitude on Freenode IRC – ukhas.org.uk/ukhas:irc_channel